Saturday, October 18, 2008

[ whAt a frEns is?? ]

"a tissue whEn u can't st0p crying
a sh0uldEr whEn u fEEl likE dying
alwAys listEn whEn u havE sumtin t0 say
a wEEk whEn u just nEEd a day
a crutch whEn u havE a br0kEn hEart
s0mE gluE whEn evErything fAlls apArt
a sun whEn thE rain w0n't st0p
a m0m whEn y0u run int0 a c0p
a ph0nE caLL whEn y0u can't fly
undErstands with0ut kn0wing why
an Ears t0 all thE secrEt y0u tEll
an aspirin whEn y0u fEEl unwEll
a l0vE that can nEvEr lEt g0..!!"

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