Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 b0ys [VS] 2 gAls

IniLah kAmI.
whEn 2 b0ys mEEt 2 gAls.
wE bEing a sEngalici0us gAng.
s0mE pE0plE sAid thAt frEns mAy c0mE & g0.
buT 4 us it's thE 0nE that makE 0ur lifE a bEttEr placE 2 livE in.
frEnship will last f0rEver if c0mmunicAti0n, tRusty, l0yAlty, c0nsidErati0ns, givE & tAkE, accEptancE, n0 sElf imp0rtAncE, undErstAnding & patiEncE wErE thErE.
pridE is imp0rtant.
We agRee wiF thAt.
buT wE musT lEt g0 0ur eg0 bec0z it w0n't takE us anywhEre if wE kEEp 0ur Eg0..
wE'rE jusT humAn bEing.
wE'rE n0t pErfEct.
n0 1 is pErfEct.
Like A spEck 0f dust bl0wing in thE wind.
wE sEarch f0r cErtaintiEs & dirEcti0n 4 0ur futurE.
wE cArry thE burdEn & thE bad expEriancE which wE waNt 2 lEavE bEhinD, 0ld st0riEs which wE wAnt 2 f0rgEt.
clinGing 2 h0pEs 2 stArt a nEw lifE.

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