Saturday, October 18, 2008

[mEnjadi kAmi]

evEryb0dy needs frens. Pe0ple wh0 wE can c0mmunicAtE with. But wh0 can wE c0nsider as frEns????
**frEns wh0m wE spEnd timE at thE c0ffee sh0p.
**frEns wh0m wE can w0rk with.
**frEns wh0m wE hang 0ut with.
**sk00l frEns 0r 0ur childh00d frEns
thEre is n0 prEjudicE, n0 differEncE & n0 c0mpetiti0n until 0nE day, whEn wE 0pen up 0ur eyEs & rEalisE that thE w0rkd is n0t as it sEEms.

Its n0t a pr0blEm t0 mAke a frEns n0wadays.
wE d0n't havE t0 leavE 0ur h0mEs.
wE d0n't havE t0 leavE 0ur sEats.
wE just nEEd t0 sit in fr0nt 0f c0mputers & hits s0mE kEys 0n thE kEyb0ard.

wE c0ntinuE thE j0urnEy in 0ur sEarch frEns & c0mpani0ns t0 fill thE emptinEss with0ut rEalising that thEy arE riGht in fr0nt 0f us.
just nEEd t0 wAiting f0r us t0 find eAch 0thEr.
just 0nly timE cAn tEll thE directi0n 0f 0ur frEnship..!!

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