Sunday, October 19, 2008

[ g0ing 2 Gual Ip0h ]

really luv the m0ment..still remember when we 0n a vacati0n 2 kelatE..there's many things happEn..alth0ugh sum1 havE disastEr 0ur this pErs0n..!!wE need 2 hElp him whEn hE g0t a 'sawan'..wE has 2 takE carE 0f him..bElievE mE..that was awful..but wE still can Enj0y 0ursElf..wE're g0ing 2 lAtA hujan..jalan kaki je tAw..pEnat..but really fun..that was really fun bec0z kit0rg jln kaki bEr4 jE..thE 'sAwan guy' n0t with all pe0plE say that pic can w0rth a th0usand things..thE pic cAn tEll h0w reAlly epy us g0ing 2 0liday..wE're n0t g0ing 2 put thE pic 0f thE sAwan guys bec0z wE didn't want dEstr0y 0ur m00d..huhuhu..thEre's many funny's thing happEn..whEn adilAh g0t hEr 1st expEriancE wEaring 'kAin sAruNg'..whEn nAz & dlA cAn t0uch thE c0w (its namE waz liNa)..whEn tuAn g0t an expEriancE d0ing a kErja dapur (masAk,bsuh pggan,p0t0ng ayam & sumtin that kEja pmpn..)nAz was 0ur mE..!!hE c00k a mEal that wE caLL 'tElur swEEt s0ur'..n0t reAlly dElici0us..HAHAHA..its likE a tElur that wE put s0mE chillE sAucE..hEhEhE..

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