Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Memory of Kerachut Beach

A memory which is very beautiful and hard to forget even one day.
Thanks to Farid who is willing to invite me to go there either.
I is not actually think that that kind of behavior do by the guy.
From night until morning all eager to tell their experiences.
From ghost stories to the political section.
The most fun was when the Amar talked about the future and his future life.
Thanks to all who went, especially Farid, Azuwan, Zaki, Amar, Faiz, Tuan Idruss, Hazri Raziff and other


Hazri said...

Best, enjoy ;)

SuArA kU BerHarAp said...

xde hal lah,.. kenangan manis mestilah dikongsi bersama,... bila lagi nak lalui semua benda tu kan,..


betul kata aiman...kredit untuk aiman..hehehe